May 21

What Is Happiness In Life

By Kenny Lee | Life , Self Growth

Some of us are lucky enough to have a childhood carefree and filled with laughter. Some did not have the blessing for such memories. But eventually, as we grew up, we felt the burden of expectation and responsibilities, and we do not remember the day, we lost the magic of laughter. And so begin our […]

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May 18

How To Recover From Burnout

By Kenny Lee | Confidence , Self Growth

If you are a highly ambitious person, getting used to high-flying life, you probably have been pushing yourself hard in reaching for your dream. It could be your career, your business, your next big deal, or it could be trying your best juggling parenting and building the next successful start-up to the best of your […]

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Apr 10

Taming Your Anger

By Kenny Lee | Emotional Wellness , Self Growth

Ever experienced the white-hot flame of anger surging up over some hurtful disrespecting remarks made by someone close to you? How about hurling back equally poisonous and stinging insults that cut deep through their heart in your fit of anger? And what happened when the rage  of madness subsides? Those urge of retaliation, just evaporated, leaving […]

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