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The Gut-Brain Connection: How Probiotics Can Improve Mood

Have you ever made a decision using your gut instinct? Felt butterflies in your stomach when you’re anxious? Lost your appetite after hearing or seeing something disturbing? Not had the stomach to do something difficult? Those are idioms we use every day, but they’re based in science—old science. For over a century, researchers have theorized […]

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8 Ways to Actively Fight Depression

Do you quite often go through moments of depression, anxiousness, worried about relationship issues, or become suicidal? Do you have a query that concerns your own or someone else’s mental health? Irrespective of age and nation, people across the globe are battling more mental health problems like never before. When you become depressed, it actually […]

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6 Best Exercises to Ease Anxiety and Depression

Wondering what’s the best routine to sweat mental distress away? Michael Morelli shares some great tips. When you feel anxiety and depression, your body energy drops. People take a toll when they feel so. Anxiety and depression are two different disorders. Anxiety is a certain feeling of worry and uneasiness about the current or upcoming […]

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