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Jul 23

15 Lifestyles And Natural Remedies For Social Anxiety I Personally Tried

By Kenny Lee | Anxiety , Depression , Emotional Wellness , Social Anxiety

Unless you’re suffering from social anxiety, you’ll have no idea how terrifying the fear is, when you’re talking to strangers or for some, dining in public. This fear that prevents you from having a normal social interaction is very real, as people with social anxiety perceive social situations as threatening due to a difference in […]

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May 19

9 Psychological Social Anxiety Disorder Symptoms You May Confuse For Introversion

By Kenny Lee | Anxiety , Emotional Wellness , Popular Posts , Social Anxiety

If you find social events draining and frightening the same time, chances are you’re an introvert with social anxiety disorder. Social anxiety disorder symptoms are often confused with introversion, a human personality you’re born with. For as long as 15 years, I’ve taken what I’ve experienced psychologically as signs of being an introvert, without realizing […]

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