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Jun 09

Does Chamomile Tea Help You Sleep?

By Kenny Lee | Herbal Tea

While I’m a fan of herbal tea, I would avoid chamomile tea during the day, especially when I’m in the midst of work and desperately need to stay awake. For some reasons, chamomile tea seems to have a sedative effect on me and lull me into sleep. The opposite is true when I call an […]

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Nov 23

How Sleep Affects Mental Health

By Kenny Lee | Emotional Wellness

Consistent restlessness at night and mental health issues are so deeply connected. Being restless for a night is one thing, but its consistency for a longer period of time in connection with continues despair, agitation and unease can lead to chronic mental disorders. For anyone who is experiencing difficulty in sleeping must take measures to […]

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Sep 09

Understanding The Benefits Of CBD For Sleep

By Kenny Lee | CBD

A big market for non-psychoactive cannabis has emerged with the recent new wave of interest in medical marijuana, based around the benefits of cannabidiol (CBD). The non-intoxicating and a non-psychotropic compound is a potent sedative and relaxant, which can be used to tackle sleeping issues, including insomnia. CBD functions in the endocannabinoid system (ECS), which […]

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