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15 Lifestyles And Natural Remedies For Social Anxiety I Personally Tried

Unless you’re suffering from social anxiety, you’ll have no idea how terrifying the fear is, when you’re talking to strangers or for some, dining in public. This fear that prevents you from having a normal social interaction is very real, as people with social anxiety perceive social situations as threatening due to a difference in […]

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How To Help Someone With Social Anxiety Without Causing More Harm

It’s painful when you see someone you care struggle through each day, retreating into their shell and shutting off from the society. At times, a person could be struggling with social anxiety for years without really knowing what’s happening to them. Living with social anxiety is tough but learning how to help someone with social […]

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How Social Anxiety Is Slowly Killing Off Your Relationship

When you’re struggling with social anxiety, you never imagined that you’ll be blessed with any relationships in your lifetime. Just when you have given up all hopes, Cupid decided to mess things up and puts you into one. And when your other half turned out to be a social butterfly, you’re torn between rejoicing and […]

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How To Build Self Esteem And Confidence To Defeat Social Anxiety

You know you’re suffering from social anxiety when you have thoughts of how you’ll appear as a fool to everyone as soon speak your words, or stepped into a room. Soon, that little hint of nervousness grew into crippling fear, that you feel yourself physically trembling and struggled to get the words of your mouth. […]

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Why Self-Isolation Traps You In A Vicious Cycle Of Social Anxiety

Dealing with social anxiety can be a chicken and egg situation. Until recently, I didn’t realize that self-isolation, commonly associated as one of the symptoms of social anxiety, could actually be the cause itself. Since I’ve overcome social anxiety a couple of years ago, I never thought I would have to deal with it again, […]

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