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Is Hypnosis Real? What Does It Really Do For You?

Is hypnosis real? If you’re questioning if hypnosis is about losing your mind while staring at a swinging clock watch, then it’s not. In fact, that is one of the most inaccurate representations of what hypnosis is. But if you’re talking about the hypnosis that’s applied by stage magicians, medical therapists or even self-hypnosis audio […]

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Does Hypnosis Work For Anxiety?

  Do you tend to worry endlessly even on the slightest thing? Or feeling nauseous when you’re overwhelmed with daily stressors? When my business failed and leaves me in a financial ruin, the days of endless worries developed into anxiety and depression. After a seemingly endless downward spiral, I decided to get a grip back on […]

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Hypnosis For Social Anxiety – Does It Really Works?

Hypnosis is still a term shrouded in myth and mysteries among the general public. Influenced by misrepresentation of hypnosis from Hollywood movies, most people thought of mind control and supernaturals when hypnosis is mentioned. But the fact is, hypnosis has been used by professional hypnotherapist in treatment for social anxiety disorder. Far from being supernatural, hypnosis […]

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Top 10 Myths And Misconception Of Hypnosis You Need To Dispel

If you’re stuck with your unfounded beliefs on what could be the most common myths and misconception of hypnosis, you are missing out opportunities of relearning new supportive behaviors that could potentially enhance your mental wellness and develop other mental strength. It’s perfectly understandable as most people who have never undergone a hypnosis session could […]

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