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Jun 20

How To Stop Getting In Your Own Way

By Kenny Lee | Beliefs

You’ve heard a billion time that you need to set goals or you’re setting up yourself for failures. So you’ve jotted down your goals; short terms, long terms, financial, career, relationship and etc. To be safe, you’ve written down these goals, repeated them verbally and stick those goals on walls where they’ll be the first […]

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Dec 25

13 Ways To Practice Mindfulness In Daily Life

By Kenny Lee | Mindfulness

You’ve heard how mindfulness meditation can bring calm to your life and you keep a strict discipline of meditation 15 minutes each day. As you tackle daily chores as you usually did, you wonder why there seems little improvement to your focus, emotion, and stress. After all, isn’t mindfulness meditation about giving you a better […]

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Oct 14

Is Hypnosis Real? What Does It Really Do For You?

By Kenny Lee | Hypnosis

Is hypnosis real? If you’re questioning if hypnosis is about losing your mind while staring at a swinging clock watch, then it’s not. In fact, that is one of the most inaccurate representations of what hypnosis is. But if you’re talking about the hypnosis that’s applied by stage magicians, medical therapists or even self-hypnosis audio […]

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Oct 02

Does Hypnosis Work For Anxiety?

By Kenny Lee | Anxiety

  Do you tend to worry endlessly even on the slightest thing? Or feeling nauseous when you’re overwhelmed with daily stressors? When my business failed and leaves me in a financial ruin, the days of endless worries developed into anxiety and depression. After a seemingly endless downward spiral, I decided to get a grip back on […]

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Jun 13

Journaling for Mindfulness

By Kenny Lee | Community Blogs

One of the best ways to bring mindfulness into your daily life, and maintain the momentum is through mindfulness journaling. Kate McGunagle, a mindfulness blogger, shares how to create a mindful journal to help your practice. We are creatures of words. Our language powerfully shapes the way we perceive the world and how we navigate daily anxiety, […]

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May 04

What Is The Best Time To Meditate

By Kenny Lee | Meditation

You may find that mindfulness meditation is relatively simple to learn. The fundamental process is drawing awareness to your breath and being mindful of wandering thoughts. However, various factors may affect your progress in the practice and the health benefits that you’re getting from it. One often factor that determines the quality of your meditation […]

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Apr 11

How To Learn Mindfulness Meditation On Your Own

By Kenny Lee | Meditation

You’ve probably heard that mindfulness meditation does wonder to our constantly agitated mind. In a way, it does. Numerous studies have proven that mindfulness meditation not only helps you relax but also benefits your health as a whole. Theoretically, learning mindfulness meditation on your own sounds simple. After all, what’s so difficult about sitting cross-legged […]

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