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Jul 28

How To Break Bad Habits For Good (With TED Talk Video)

By Kenny Lee | Others

Most people who believed that good habits are vital to success may have read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. If you’ve had limited success bringing in good habits into your life, maybe you should consider learning how to break your bad habits as well. Because it could be your existing sets of bad habits that’s negating every single effort […]

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Jul 11

How To Find Your Purpose In Life (With Video)

By Kenny Lee | Life

After reading Dr. Marcia Reynold‘s article on PsychologyToday, I decided to rewrite this post to give it the clarity and justification it deserved. Her post title Living a Good Life Without Purpose caught me off guard initially. I have to admit I am quick to judge as I was having thoughts that she is encouraging people […]

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