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Muse 2 Review – A Better Brain Sensing Headband?

It’s interesting how meditation has evolved over the past decade. Meditation used to be taught by experienced gurus before the emergence of guided meditation tracks and meditation app. Muse 2, the latest model of the popular brain-sensing head, seems to redefine how meditation is practiced in our life. The latest wearable that targets meditation practitioners […]

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Headspace Meditation App – Should You Subscribe? (2019 Review)

UPDATE 5th August 2019: The Headspace App as evolved greatly since my last review. I’ve updated this review with new screenshots and content. Will Headspace helps you to meditate better? This Headspace review shows what I really think about this popular meditation app. The average smartphone is full of distractive apps and notifications. It sounds […]

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Performance Lab Mind Supplement Review 2019

UPDATE 19th August 2019 I first wrote this review after taking Performance Lab Mind and the result was pretty mild. The company approaches me and suggest that Performance Lab Mind is meant to be taken with Performance Lab Energy, Sleep and Whole-Food Multi for optimum effect. Energy, Sleep and Whole-Food Multi is part of the […]

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Wellpath Zen Stress Support Formula Review

I have much better results with Wellpath Mind. Check out the review here. We all deal with stress differently, and sometimes we need more than a single solution to keep our nerves calm. As such, I’ve got myself a bottle of Zen Stress Support Formula by Wellpath in early December, as the holidays are when my worries […]

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Best Essential Oils For Meditation 2019

Both essential oils and meditation are rooted in ancient civilizations. The Egypt civilization was known to have used essential oil as far back as 4500 B.C. Meditation, or more specifically mindfulness meditation is believed to have its root in Buddhism and Hinduism. Why Meditate? For decades, mindfulness meditation has grown beyond religion and has been […]

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