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Mar 27

5 Practical Tips On How To Stop Stuttering Permanently

By Kenny Lee | Confidence , Social Anxiety

Isn’t it embarrassing that you find yourself stuttering incomprehensively when trying to engage in a natural conversation? For people with social anxiety, stuttering can cause more damage to their self-esteem and causes them to further avoid social interactions. Stuttering and social anxiety have an ambiguous relationship. People who stutter do not necessarily suffer from social anxiety. […]

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Nov 25

7 Signs You Are Beating Social Anxiety Just By Doing The Right Thing

By Kenny Lee | Confidence , Emotional Wellness , Social Anxiety

It may seem unfair as some people do get rid of their social anxiety without hours of therapy or professional treatment. Yet others went through various alternative self-help methods like meditation, hypnotherapy or CBT hoping to gain the slightest of self-confidence. While it’s unlikely you’ll wake up the next day feeling like a public speaking […]

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