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Becoming Limitless Review – Bending Reality For Real?

Chances are, you’ve gone through the free Bending Reality masterclass by Vishen Lakhiani of MindValley. You’re intrigued by how Vishen challenged the conventional belief system and how he hinted that the mind has the potential power to alter reality. But to learn more, you’ll have to part with hundreds of dollars for the full program […]

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How Guided Meditation Audio Helps Kickstart Mindfulness Practice

If you’ve been picking up mindfulness meditation from online resources or books, you may face similar struggles like many beginners, despite having clear instruction on what to do. You may find yourself floating away with your thoughts moments after closing your eyes. Or your first few attempts of meditation could bring more frustration rather than […]

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How To Break Bad Habits For Good (With TED Talk Video)

Most people who believed that good habits are vital to success may have read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. If you’ve had limited success bringing in good habits into your life, maybe you should consider learning how to break your bad habits as well. Because it could be your existing sets of bad habits that’s negating every single effort […]

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When Life Gets Crazy, Do This One Thing

Important rule : When Life Gets Crazy, You Don’t Follow. And life definitely does get a little bit crazy sometimes. Wouldn’t you agree? At times, it even goes down to pure insanity. Have you had your life turned into living hell? Well, I had. Sometimes by our own foolishness, but sometimes we could only scream […]

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