Fidget Spinner For Anxiety : Marketing Hype Or Genuine Stress Buster?

Dad, can you spin faster than this?“, my 5 years old son showed me this awesome cool spinning toys. Except that this cool toy belongs to his aunt, and it’s supposed to be a good stress busting gadget at work. This cool toy, a.k.a. fidget spinner became an overnight craze, although much debate has been going on whether the fidget spinner is any good for anxiety relief.
Fidget Spinner For Anxiety

The fidget spinner itself has an interesting story. It tells the tale of how inventor Catherine Hettinger was suffering from an autoimmune disorder while caring for her daughter, patched up something that resembles the now commercialized fidget spinner. And her daughter found a new way of playing at it.

Well, the story doesn’t have a fairytale ending though. At least not yet. As Catherine found herself lacking fund in renewing the patent in 2005, after getting it registered in 1997. Today, the fidget spinner is widely commercialized but the inventor has been unfortunate to receive nothing out of it. (Read the whole story here).

The Fidget Spinner Is A Cool Toys

There are many shapes of fidget toys, but the fidget spinner seems have made its way to the top pretty quick. At a glance, it looked like a drone with three propellers. Except that it spins on the horizontal axis, It fits right in your palm, and with the ball bearing built in, it spins really fast with just a tiny flick. It’s fascinating for the children and looks cool for adults too. (I must admit that I had fun playing around with the fidget spinner).

What’s even better is that fidget spinner made its way to Forbes office, as it’s branded as the “must have office toy for 2017“. It’s claimed to be a good stress reliever. And I’m sure it made its way to many other workplaces as well.

Apart from simple flicking and spinning on the desk, the fidget spinner seems to have encouraged creative tricks to be performed with the fidget spinners. It has indeed found a huge following on a global scale. However, claims that fidget spinner can be effective for anxiety relief are subjected to debate.

How Effective Is Fidget Spinner For Anxiety Relief?

I have to say it depends on how bad is your anxiety is. It’s a wonderful distraction from an anxious mind. If you suffer from anxiety, you know moments where your mind would whisper how so many things could go wrong tomorrow and how willingly you believed those thoughts.

The fidget spinner comes in handy when you’re having obsessive thoughts or when your anxiety translates into fidgeting restlessly. You probably can relate to when you’re checking your handphone for the hundredth time while waiting for an interview. That’s the kind of situation that the fidget spinner could really be handy.

Fidget spinner grounds your thought on the presence, just like what mindfulness does. No, it doesn’t replace other therapies or techniques like cognitive behavior therapy and mindfulness meditation. But it’s something physical that you can relate to easily to distract your mind.

Improvising Fidget Spinner With Mindfulness Exercise

By itself, fidget spinner is a good distraction for your restless mind. But it’s also a good exercise to develop mindfulness when you’re not meditating. Most people who suffered from anxiety find it hard to meditate due to their extremely restless mind. It’s so tiring that they often gave up before getting started.

The fidget won half the battle by easily shifting the concentration from your thoughts to playing with the fidget spinner. Here’s how you can train your mind to be mindful with the fidget spinAner. At every flick, observe the feeling of your finger touching the fidget spinner, just as you observe your breath in meditation.

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It sounds simple but that’s what mindfulness really is. Observing without judging. That’s how you build your mental strength against anxiety in the long run. Check out the video below, where I flick the spinner widget in simple rhythm for mindfulness practice.

Should You Get The Fidget Spinner For Your Anxiety?

Is it a good for anxiety relief? It depends on how bad your anxiety is. It’s not a magical spinning ring that’ll cure your restless mind immediately. But it’s a good candidate to be part of your long-term stress and anxiety coping strategy. If you’re wondering where you can grab one for your own, read on.

Try checking it out n your local toy stores. With its popularity, I bet most toy stores would stock them. The price range could be from anything from $2 to $15, depending on the materials and design. If you don’t want the hassle of walking to your local toy store, there are great choices to choose from Amazon.  Some are low cost to own, while some offers fancy design like this.

Fidget Spinner For Anxiety

Over to you:
Have you tried the fidget spinner for anxiety or stress relief? How does it work for you? Share your thoughts in the comment below.

16 thoughts on “Fidget Spinner For Anxiety : Marketing Hype Or Genuine Stress Buster?”

  1. That is an interesting toy. Glad that you mention it should not be considered as a magical tool that will just remove anxiety like a magic wand. But I can see how it can be useful in a stressed situation where you need immediate help.

    In the long run I do however believe culturing a overall relaxed state is a better and more effective way to deal with anxiety. But in cases where we need something for an emergency, it could be a good idea.

    Thanks for the insight.


    1. Hi Mikael,

      I definitely agree with your point that long term solution is the best way. That’s why I suggested using this gadget to enhance mindfulness practice.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts.


  2. I saw my nephew playing around with it and was wondering what it is all about.

    My brother told me that it helps for stress relief and concentration. I decided to search Google and am glad that your article gave me the answer that I was looking for.

    I must admit that I was really enjoying the fidget spinner when I first tried it. I am going to buy one of these things for myself. I will give it a go, my anxiety is in the medium range.

    It does not hurt to try. Will let you know how it goes.


    1. Hi Roopesh,

      I’m definitely amazed by this when I first get my hand on it. I hope it could provide some sort of healthy distraction for your anxiety. Do let me know if it works for you.


  3. I think this device works as a great anxiety relief! It might not solve everyones problem of anxiety but it will definitely help limit it in most people’s situations. What can’t be argued is how good of a toy this is. It is perfect for people of all ages who have a problem holding still because they will be able to fidget with this while letting their body be at ease.

    1. Hi Robert,

      I actually find it quite addictive spinning and flicking it around. It’s a pleasant distraction. Thanks for reading.


  4. good review of the product i like that you left a youtube video so just in case someone was still on the fence about getting the product. i also like that in amidst to telling the reader about the benefits of what the product does by itself but also telling the other benefits that some might not wouldn’t have even thought about it

  5. Good know this stress buster I have some questions, what is this spinner made out of ? Seems bearings are removable does it need replacement or some kind of maintenance over the long period of time ? How safe it would be.Once started how long it will spin ?What extra benefits of buying costly fidget spinner.

    1. Hi Amy,

      Common fidget spinners are made of plastic ABS and it doesn’t need any maintenance. The ball bearings are non-removable. As long as you’re just flicking it around it’s quite safe I believe. Unless you start off playing some weird tricks with the spinner, you shouldn’t be worried to much. And it could spin really long depending on how you flick it. I’m surprised by that. Unless you’re planning to be a collector, I don’t see how a lower cost spinner couldn’t provide the same distraction.



  6. I have seen these spinners around and wondered if they actually reduce stress. I suffer from anxiety from time to time (who doesn’t these days) and can see, after watching your video, how this little toy could help.

    Seems to me these spinners can shift your focus, they’re inexpensive, and they look cool. Thanks Kenny.

    1. Hi,

      Thanks for checking out the article. Hope it could provide that distraction you needed.


  7. I must say I came across a fidget spinner myself, my brother showed me and I was curious about what the hype is about. Anyway I think you pointed your points very well. You kept a realistic perspective, and that you haven’t missed anything. Guess we will see how things will end by the end of the year. But I must admit their marketing was a pure genius even if the hype ends.

    1. Hi,

      It’s a clever product. But a pity to the inventor who failed to derive any compensation for her work.



  8. Hi Kenny,
    I saw my granddaughter with a fidget spinner and it looks like fun, I think like me she sees it as a toy more than anything else.

    However I also believe it can offer some temporary relief to a trouble mind if they focus on it.

    And for those of us who see it as a fun toy- well, just having fun can relax the mind.


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