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How To Overcome Depression Naturally (10 Simple Effective Ways)

Severe depression treatment could involve medication and therapy session. But if you can overcome depression naturally, shouldn’t you give it at try? That’s what I thought when I was going through my very own episode of depression. The worst thing that could happen when you’re in a serious depression is to be told to “get over…

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21 Top Modern Mindfulness Blog To Reconnect With Your Self

Most people rarely find mindfulness an interesting subject when life is all good and rosy to them. But once you’ve got your life turned upside down, you start seeking for answers. Even if you found the root cause of your fall and the road to rebuilding, you’ll find that a moment of mindfulness in your…


A Year Of Mindfulness : Would You Tame Your Monkey Mind This Year?

Have you ever thought how much of your life could change for the better if you could just live a year of mindfulness instead of having your monkey mind running wild and uncontrolled? Wonder what’s a monkey mind? Just try to recall how many times your mind has strayed to the past in the last 30…

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5 Unconventional Mindful Parenting Techniques For Single Moms (and Dads)

You’ll never know the taste of an apple until you put one in your mouth. The same goes to understanding the love of a parent, the pain of divorce and experiencing mindfulness for yourself. Raising a child is tough. But to do that while dealing with the financial ruin and emotional mess that a divorce…

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Why You Should Start Meditation Practice Before Life Hits You Hard

Why meditate when life is all good and rosy? Why bother sitting down, eyes closed in some weird cross-legged posture and trying to silence your thoughts of “let’s go shopping”, “this is so boring” or “it’s a waste of time”.  In fact, why should you even start meditation practice at all, when you can’t see the need…

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10 Aspects Of Life That Demands Mindfulness For A Better 2017

Well, what’s the point of making resolutions again for the new year if we could barely achieve what we resolved to do this very year? Wait. Before we start beating ourselves for all the unachieved resolutions (if we could even remember half of them), let us be kinder to ourselves and stop all those negative…

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How To Choose The Best Meditation Technique For Yourself (Infographic)

If you are exploring meditation for the first time, choosing the best meditation technique for yourself can be a challenging process, especially if you don’t have any idea what meditating is all about. Or if you are getting frustrated or stuck in a particular meditation method after trying out for a few months, maybe you…

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