Can You Overcome Social Anxiety By Yourself

Can you really overcome social anxiety by yourself?

Without consulting a therapist?

Without taking any prescription drugs?

Or without even realizing you suffered from social anxiety all this while?

Well, You’ll Never Know If You Don’t Take The First Step

My name is Kenny Lee.

I spent 15 years suffering from social anxiety without even realizing what I’m going through.

Years ago, I used to get panic attacks, when making calls to strangers, even though it’s part of the job.

People thought that I was rude, disrespectful and anti-social.  I thought I was just being an introvert.

But that was all wrong.

I would never Imagine Myself Hosting Events Or Public Speaking

But it happened.

In late 2015, I had my first public speaking ever since college.

Clad in the uniform of the martial art I grew with, it was a short 5 minutes talk in front of a hundred audience.

If you have social anxiety, that 5 minutes felt like forever.

I then went on to hosting a series of formal events with some attended by government ministers.

The largest one was attended by more than a thousand audience.

Did I Overcome My Social Anxiety Overnight?

I’ll be lying if I said I did.

I’ve been living with social anxiety for at least 15 years.  You just can’t remove what has been in your thoughts and behavior in a matter of days, or weeks.

But what I actually used in my self-treatment program sped up the process. It provides the confidence to socialize that I’ve never felt before.

When repeated consistently, it changes my mindset and behavior. I must admit that I even crave being on stage at a certain point of time.

In 2016, I actually have fun hosting close to 10 events as an amateur emcee.

How I Finally Overcome My Social Anxiety?

The answer is simple.

It’s not about treating the root cause or suppressing the symptom.

Because the root cause may be long gone but you are stuck with behaviors characterized by social anxiety.

It is about relearning social behavior at a subconscious level. Because obviously reading self-help books and attending motivation programs doesn’t work.

Most importantly, it’s about consistency in building the new behavior. It’s impossible or foolish to expect to overcome social anxiety an overnight process.

If you’re serious in trying to overcome your social anxiety issues.

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