About Me

Hi, my name is Kenny. I’ve been a fan of personal development. Especially those related to mind and spirituality.

Before we go into that, let me share a little bit about myself. I was an engineer by profession, before quitting my job and trying to start my own business in 2010.

It was a roller coaster journey. I made many mistakes and my business crumbles, taking along my marriage with it.

The Turning Point.

I have to say a business failure and divorce has been the turning point in my life. I said I need to have a better mental capacity, to withstand the stress and challenges that come with entrepreneurship.

There comes a point where even the strongest of us would break. I wanted to push the breaking point higher.

I turned into the spiritual aspect of personal development. And programs like energy healing and guided meditation has helped me well.

But then..

I realized I am merely rediscovering a part of what I’ve already learned. To take the challenge of entrepreneurship, I realize I need to have a sharp mind that is energetic and constantly aware of all challenges.

Mindfulness meditation is one way to achieve that. And growing up in a Buddhist tradition, I learned mindfulness meditation when I was 17. I’ve been practicing for 4 years before stopping it.

I’ve seen how it sharpen my mind at the height of my practice and how it deteriorates as I stopped practicing.

It’s time to bring back mindfulness meditation in my life.

And to share this ancient practice with others. In this blog, I’m sharing the secular aspect of mindfulness meditation, which is pretty much most of it. In fact, all the instructions that I received from my meditation teacher on how to meditate are secular in nature.

This means that without subscribing to any religious and cultural belief, you can still reap the benefits of meditation, providing that you got the right instruction. Meditation is simple really. But before you got started, I want to share with you the 31 Proven Benefits of Meditation.

cover-photo_miniIf You Think Mindfulness Meditation Is The Thing For You, Then DOWNLOAD the Free Meditation Guide. (No subscription needed).

If you would like to talk to me about meditation or personal development related stuff, email me at kenny[at]makemindpowerful.com. 

Or you can check out one my 21 Mindfulness Meditation Tips To Keep Meditation Simple.

My Problem With Social Anxiety

Have you ever felt that talking that attending social event drained you out of energy and talking to strangers a process that took much courage to happen?

For a very long time, I felt both. I thought I was an introvert and it’s normal to feel that way.

I was right about the part of being an introvert. But very much mistaken about associating fear of socializing to being an introvert.

Ever since I was in college, I experienced social anxiety disorder without realizing it. Perhaps it was not too severe but it has reduced my potential in many aspects drastically.

More than ten years later, I finally realized my condition and managed to overcome it.

Here’s my story of How I Overcame The Curse Of Social Anxiety.