About Me

Hi there,

Welcome to MakeMindPowerful.com. I’m Kenny, the owner of this website. You’ll find that this site is resourceful if you’re trying to strengthen your mind by various methods. I initially started this website to help people with social anxiety, but I realized that the development of your mind goes beyond that.

My Story

There was once where I wouldn’t even think of sharing my thoughts on social media like Facebook. And would shiver at the thought of talking to strangers. Making sales calls is strictly a no-no.

That was social anxiety in action.

I didn’t realize I was struggling with social anxiety until in my early 30s. That’s when I took proactive action to overcome it, one step at a time. I was into mindfulness meditation, as I did pick it up when I was a teen. Coupled with hypnosis and energy healing, I’ve got rid of many subconscious limiting beliefs that have been blocking my progress.

Now, in my late 30s, I have no problem talking with people, although I still hate small talks. That’s how I realize that I’m also an introvert.

Social anxiety aside, I’m always fascinated with mind development. It’s an important aspect that allows us to face life challenges, which apparently, only get tougher. I’m a single parent, who’s juggling job, parenting and ensuring there’s food on the table.

Things can be very stressful at times.

I was once skeptical into taking health supplements, but my first encounter with chia seeds changed that. I realized that nature can offer so much in empowering our mind and body. Since then, I’ve been exploring supplements that are meant for stress-support, improving focus and increasing energy.

I also discovered the healing effect of essential oils and captivated by how calming it is on your mind. I’ve since explored aromatherapy and I’m keen to share how such an ancient healing method can have a pronounced healing effect on humans.

When you’re living a hectic life full of stressors, that can be helpful.

Why I Want To Help You

Life can be a rollercoaster ride. You can expect it to be exciting, but never hope for life to be easy.

Instead, you’ll want to get stronger.

Whether you’re struggling with social anxiety, failed in a business, going through a divorce, or in financial ruin, you’ll need to get back up somewhere. I’ve been through all that and to be frank, I’m still recovering from all the damages, emotionally and financially.

But I’ve been making good progress and learn that sharing is the best way to grow.

If there’s any program that changed my subconscious limitations, it could change yours too.

If there’s a single mindfulness app that’s helping me to stay grounded, it may help you too.

Or if a particular stress-support supplement works for me, I’ll be happy to share out the news.

Here’s the thing.

I’m no master, guru, medical expert, therapist or a doctor. I’m just someone who has gone through the toughest time, stood up and fighting my way up again. I try to be as accurate as possible in all the information that I’m sharing on this website.

With that said, I’ll want you to be pragmatic and diligent as well when seeking for ways to boost your mind.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me, drop me an email. I’ll be happy to answer your queries.