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I am an engineer-turned-writer who once struggle with social anxiety. After overcoming problems inflicted by low self-esteem and the fear of interaction, I realize the need for taking a holistic approach in developing our mind. I'm sharing my experience, remedies, and techniques that interest me in my quest to be a better self.

Mar 18

Best Portable & Foldable Meditation Benches

By Kenny Lee | Essentials

You’ve always thought of meditating for long duration in the sitting posture but for some individuals, it’s impossible to neglect the pain or having their legs falling asleep.  Getting a portable, foldable meditation bench goes a long way in solving your meditation woes. Unlike a meditation cushion, sitting on a portable bench removes the pressure […]

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Nov 17

What Is The Best Weighted Blankets for Hot Sleepers

By Kenny Lee | Sleep

It’s undeniable that a weighted blanket helps you to fall asleep, but some hot sleepers may wake up drenched in sweat, no thanks to the thick and often suffocating fabric. Thankfully, some manufacturers have since improvised the design of weighted blankets, by using more breathable fabrics. Choosing A Weighted Blanket for Hot Sleepers Generally, the […]

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Sep 08

Muse 2 Review – A Better Brain Sensing Headband?

By Kenny Lee | Review

It’s interesting how meditation has evolved over the past decade. Meditation used to be taught by experienced gurus before the emergence of guided meditation tracks and meditation app. Muse 2, the latest model of the popular brain-sensing head, seems to redefine how meditation is practiced in our life. The latest wearable that targets meditation practitioners […]

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Aug 12

How Does The Subconscious Mind Work

By Kenny Lee | Subconscious Mind

People are generally divided when topics regarding the subconscious mind are mentioned. While some are outright skeptics, others may start seeing truth into the workings of the mind that is beyond our intellect comprehension. Questions like ‘is the subconscious mind real?’ and if it is, ‘how does the subconscious work’ is often asked by individuals […]

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