Best Valerian Root Supplements 2020 (Buyers Guide & Review)

Is taking valerian root safe? Does it help with sleep? Check out the best valerian root supplements and the science-driven facts before taking any.

The Best Valerian Root Supplement 2020

Important: If you’re suffering from any medical conditions, you’re advised to consult your doctor before using these supplements. This article is not written by a medical professional, health expert or a doctor. Thus, it is not a substitute for medical diagnosis or treatment.

With the numerous brands of valerian root supplements available, choosing the best product can be pretty overwhelming. Amazon has always been my favorite place to shop for wellness products. I’ve compiled a list of the top-rated valerian root supplements to cut short your buying process.

1. Nature’s Way Valerian Root Capsules

Best Valerian Root Supplement For Better Sleep - Natures Way


Nature’s Way was founded in 1969, as its founder Tom Murdock seeks alternative ways of traditional herb medicines to improve his wife’s health. As the years go on, not only his wife’s health dramatically improved, but the company has become one of the prominent producers of herbal supplements.

Each bottle contains 180 capsules that are certified by TRU-ID. This means that you’ll have at least 0.1% of valerenic acid that is beneficial for your health. If you are struggling to sleep, you can take 3 capsules an hour before bedtime.

The capsules contain no artificial flavoring and are gluten-free. They are non-GMO project verified and TRU-ID certified by a third party to ensure the ingredients match the packaging label. With 40 years of experience, this is a bottle of valerian root capsules that you can trust.


  • Helps in getting better sleep
  • Calms down anxiety
  • Contain 0.1% of valerenic acid


  • Produces strong smell.
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2. DriftOff Premium Valerian Root And Melatonin Capsules by Zhou Nutrition

Best Valerian Root Supplement For Better Sleep Zhou

Operated by a team of health experts of various discipline, Zhou Nutrition prioritizes on how their supplements are manufactured and packed. The company ensures that its manufacturers comply strictly with GMP standards at their respective FDA approved facilities.

This supplement not only contains valerian root extract, but also other natural calming ingredients like Chamomile, Passion Flower, and Lemon Balm extracts. To help you calm your mind and sleep easily, you can start by taking 2 capsules at least half an hour before your bedtime.

The capsules itself are vegetarian and there’s little to no risk of developing any side effects as they are made of non-habit forming ingredients. This 100% vegan valerian root supplement will result in you feeling thoroughly energized the next morning.


  • Effective for insomnia
  • Helps to achieve a deeper sleep.
  • 100% vegetable capsule.


  • Not effective in rare cases.
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3. Vintage Bliss Premium Sleep & Recovery Formula by Old School Labs

Best Valerian Root Supplement For Better Sleep Vintage Bliss

When it comes to health supplements, Old School Labs cares only about making high-quality supplements that are not compromised in any manner for the sake of profit. Determined to stay true to its mission, it is one of the fastest growing brand in the sports supplement industry on

If you’re who constantly struggle to sleep after working out at the gym, this is the right solution for you. Made with valerian root and other natural sleep-inducing ingredients, these capsules will help you to get the much-needed sleep after your body is tired out.

Having undergone strict testing, the capsules also contain glycine that helps your aching muscle to recover after a strenuous workout session. It’s a perfect supplement for your hectic and stressful life that overloads you with both emotional and physical stress.


  • Great for insomnia
  • Helps repair muscle.
  • Helps you wake up refreshed.


  • Not effective for some.
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4. Herb Pharm Organic Valerian Root Extract

Best Valerian Root Supplement For Better Sleep HerbPharm

Herb Pharm not only helps treat people with their range of traditional remedies but also heals the land with sustainable agricultural practice. The founders brought together modern technology and natural healing to provide high-quality herbal supplements.

Taking capsules may not be enjoyable for some people. This valerian root extract in liquid form allows you to enjoy the therapeutic benefit of the plant without swallowing any capsules. The liquid extracts from valerian root will absorb quickly into your body and helps you to relax and sleep.

You’ll find the dropper that comes with the bottle helpful as it takes 20-30 drops for effective dosage. The extract is certified organic and also non-GMO. The sharp bitter taste that hits your tastebud indicates that it’s nothing but pure valerian root extracts.


  • Liquid form for faster absorption
  • Certified organic ingredients
  • Great for stress and insomnia.


  • Taste can be overwhelming for some.
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5. Luna Kids Valerian Sleep Aid by Nested Naturals

Best Valerian Root Supplement For Better Sleep Luna Kids

With Nested Naturals, it’s all about prioritizing people and the planet over profit. The founders strive to ensure that every product made by the company are not only rooted in nature but also backed by scientific testings. Only the best ingredients that are tested by third-party labs made their way to customers.

Most of the valerian supplement sold in the market are geared for adult consumers. But if your little ones are staying wide awake after the ninth story you’ve told, this Luna Kids Sleep Aid will be handy. It’s well blended with natural herbs that promote sleep and in a concentration safe for kids.

The valerian extracts are coupled with lemon balm and chamomile to ease your child to sleep. And a small hint of melatonin ensures your child enjoy deeper sleep and feel refreshed the next morning. The ingredients used are non-habit forming and have a natural berry flavor that comes from real fruit.


  • Great for kids who struggle with sleep.
  • Natural berry flavor for children tastebuds.
  • Gentle and non-habit forming


  • Some customers found it not effective.
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6. Valerian Bedtime Tea by Hey Girl Tea

Best Valerian Root Supplement For Better Sleep Hey Girl Tea

Sometimes you just feel like drinking a cup of tea before you go to sleep. Instead of caffeine-laden tea, making yourself a cup of BedTime tea helps you to slip into dreamland seamlessly. Made of valerian root extract, chamomile, and lemon balm, it is the right blend for putting an end to sleepless nights.

The teabags contain only naturally sourced ingredient that doesn’t form any side effects. Each pack contains 18 teabags to drink to your comfort. You can easily store the tea bags in the resealable pack.

While the company behind this calming tea, Hey Girl Tea, is pretty new, the effectiveness of this product has gained encouraging feedbacks from its customers. Most have reportedly enjoyed better sleep after having a cup of herbal tea before sleep.


  • Great tea for bedtime
  • Helps to achieve deeper sleep and reenergize
  • Calming effect


  • Not everyone like the taste
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7. Organic Valerian & Melatonin Supplement by Benevolent Nourishment

Best Valerian Root Supplement For Better Sleep BenevolentBenevolent Nourishment only sources ingredients from organically grown source for their products. The company believes in producing high-quality herbal supplements by practicing sustainable agricultural ethics. Each of the ingredients is processed immediately upon receipt to ensure freshness is maintained at all time.

Made in FDA approved facility, a serving of 2 capsules contains sufficient valerian root extract and melatonin to ensure your body gets the rest and sleep it sorely needs. You’ll want to get a bottle when you travel across continents to help you recover from jet lag.

Unlike chemically made sleeping products that drained you of energy in the morning, the natural herbal supplement helps you to wake up refreshed after you enjoy a night of uninterrupted sleep. You’ll also find that the extracts help to calm your daily stress and anxiety.


  • Calms stress and anxiety
  • Promotes deeper sleep
  • Sourced from organic ingredients


  • A small range of buyers does not experience any benefits.
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8. New Chapter Sleep Aid Capsules

Best Valerian Root Supplement For Better Sleep New Chapter

Quality is non-negotiable for New Chapter when it comes to manufacturing health supplements product. Each of their products undergoes stringent tests to ensure no harmful toxins are present and they are free of additives. It held the mother nature in high regards as it turns natural plants to health supplementary products for customers.

When nothing seems to work for your insomnia, this bottle of perfectly blended herbs may just do the trick. Made from valerian root, lemon balm, holy basil and turmeric, this special formula ensure that your body absorbs the benefits of calming properties optimally.

Besides delivering deep and uninterrupted sleep, this supplement also contains anti-inflammatory properties that benefit your health. It is non-GMO certified and has no sugar added during the manufacturing process. Strict 3rd party testing ensures that it is safe for consumptions.


  •  Helps anxiety and sleep disorder.
  • Optimal absorbent rate.
  • Has anti-inflammatory property


  • Doesn’t work for some customers.
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9. Valerian Root Extract by Bulk Supplements

Best Valerian Root Supplement For Better Sleep Bulk Supplements

Bulk Supplements is a major herbal ingredient supplier that not only ships to consumers but also to various manufacturers in bulk. The ingredients are processed in FDP approved facility to ensure the quality is never compromised.

If you’ll like to take valerian root extracts in its purest form, the powdered version of valerian supplement is the best choice for you. Shipped in a zip pouch, taking a quarter of a teaspoon of valerian root powder will help you to sleep soundly at night.

These brown-yellowish powder are extracted by using water as the solvent. While they may smell bad, as all natural valerian root does, they are effective to help the mind calms down in stressful times. Studies have suggested valerian supplement increases the level of GABA in our brain for a calming effect.


  • Pure valerian root powder.
  • Helps stress, anxiety, and insomnia.
  • Lab tested for purity.


  • Some feel the taste is awful.
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10. Herbal Secrets Valerian Root Supplement by Amazing Nutrition

Best Valerian Root Supplement For Better Sleep Herbal Secrets

Health is the driving value that makes Amazing Nutrition, the brand owner of Herbal Secrets a top-selling health supplement company on Amazon. It believes that the highest quality of its product can only be achieved by sourcing premium ingredients and the countless of test that they are subject to.

A single bottle of valerian root supplement contains 120 capsules that you can take orally, or make valerian tea from the powder. Either way, taking the supplement before your bedtime ensure that sleep found you before you know it.

It is manufactured in GMP certified facilities and free from artificial flavors. The pure extract from valerian root helps regeneration of your cells and is a great remedy for stomach disorders. The fact that this is a brand prioritize strict quality testings made it one of the most trusted valerian supplement.


  • Helps to get better sleep.
  • Great for cell regenerations
  • Gluten-Free


  • The smell is unbearable for some.
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The Origin Of Valerian Root

While the origin of the name Valerian remains unclear, the medicinal properties of this herb secure its different names through the centuries. Valerian root is believed to originate in Europe and Asia. In different countries, it is also known as Phu, All-Heal, and Armantilla.

The valerian plant has a distinct pungent odor from its root that attracts both dogs and cats alike. While some may find the odor overbearing, the ancient herbalist has found tremendous medicinal properties in its root. While it is claimed to bring various healing effects, valerian root has a reputation for treating insomnia effectively.

Today, valerian plants are grown in North America and its roots are extracted into forms of oil and capsules as a supplement. It remained a trusted remedy for sleep problems that plague a good number of populations around the world.

Health Benefits Of Valerian Root

The scientific communities have yet to conclusively unravel the science of Valerian root, but it is linked to promoting various health benefits. While there are limited studies that confirm these, valerian root has been widely used throughout the centuries for these health issues.

1. Sleep

Numerous studies conducted on the effects of valerian root on insomnia have suggested the effectiveness of the herb used for centuries. Patients who are exposed to valerian root supplements shown an increased probability of falling asleep faster.

2. Anxiety

Valerian root’s sedative effect that helps regulate sleep cycle also promotes calmness in an anxious mind. However, one study involving 36 patients suggests there is no difference between valerian, diazepam, and placebo.

3. Stomach Disorders

For centuries, valerian root is used to treat stomach disorders like indigestion and menstrual cramps effectively although little studies are conducted on this.

4. ADHD in Children

As more children exhibit symptoms of ADHD, clinical studies have shown encouraging results on using valerian root supplement to increase attention span and reduce restlessness.

5. OCD

OCD or obsessive compulsive disorder is where a person would functionally repeat a routine in a perfect manner. An 8-week study points to the decrease of OCD behavior in patients when prescribed with valerian root extracts.

How To Take Valerian Root Supplements

When insomnia is disrupting your life and prevents you from functioning normally, you’ll wish for a quick fix that works miraculously. While valerian root is effective for inducing sleep, it is not your miracle sleeping pill.

It is recommended that you take 400-900 mg of valerian supplement a couple of hours before your bedtime. In some cases, you’ll need to take the supplement regularly for a few days before you notice any improvement in your sleep quality.

As the therapeutic effect of valerian root kicks in, you’ll find yourself falling asleep in just about 15-2o minutes. Not only do you sleep faster, you’ll also get deeper sleep that refreshes you physically and mentally.

Side Effects Of Valerian Root

As a medicinal herb, valerian root is meant to be taken in the short term. Lack of studies has been conducted on the side effects of valerian root in the long run.

When taken for a short-term, valerian root is generally safe for most adults. However, some symptoms are recorded in rare cases such as:

  • mental dullness
  • stomach upset
  • headaches
  • heart disturbances

While it’s deemed possibly safe for children to take valerian root supplement, do consult your doctor for the right recommended dosage and further advice. (1) (2)

Avoid taking valerian root:

  • during pregnancy and breastfeeding. There are little studies on the side-effects for pregnant moms.
  • 2 weeks before surgery. Valerian root may interfere with medications used in the procedure.

Choosing The Right Valerian Root Supplement

As with any herbal supplement, there are various brands in the market that claimed to have the best valerian root products. Before you choose any of them, ensure that they pass these criteria.

  • Quality assured and certified by the right part. Only buy valerian root supplement that has NSF, USP or Consumer Lab certification.
  • Herbal blend – some valerian supplement contains a mixture of other herbs. Ensure that you’re not allergic to the other ingredients before buying.
  • Valerian concentration – Make sure that the valerian contains at least 0.5% of valerenic acid to have a beneficial effect.
  • Manufacturer reputation – It is important that you get your valerian root supplement from manufacturers that have built their trust in the business for years.

With the vast range of valerian supplements available, I hope that this list has served its purpose by narrowing down your options to only the best valerian root supplements available.

Share your thoughts of using valerian root supplement with us. Did it help you to sleep better? Or is there a better brand that works for you?


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