Sleeping Just After Eating: How It Affects Your Health

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Nov 08

In this article, Ella Lauren shares why you should stop snoozing after a meal, and for good reasons too.

Falling off to sleep quickly after having a heavy meal is one of the most common mistakes made by people. Sleep is considered to be a blessing for the mankind but, is it okay to sleep anytime? No, excessive or odd sleep time can induce multiple health issues in the human body.

The human body is designed in such a way that each process is inter-related and works hand-in-hand. After eating, the body pulls all its energy to perform digestion while the brain triggers the body to go to the lethargic mode. This is a reason for most people feel like sleeping after eating lunch or dinner. However, there are several disadvantages of sleeping after eating. You should push yourself and get involved in some activity so that you won’t end up sleeping.

What Goes Within Your Body After Eating?

Every time you fill your stomach with food, the very next task is to digest the same food. Digestion helps your body to absorb all the beneficial nutrients of the food. Now, the human body prefers to digest food while the body is in an upfront position. So if you lay down, the digestion process gets interrupted and raises the chance of improper digestion. Therefore, there is an increase in the risk of several digestive diseases like Gallstones, cholecystitis, cholangitis, gastritis, and gastric ulcers. If not taken care in a timely manner, these diseases may cause severe liver problems too.

What Are The Health Effects Of Sleeping After Eating?

  1. Reflux Disease
  2. Improper Sleep
  3. Weight gain
  4. Throat burn
  5. Stroke risk

Reflux Disease

Digestion is the core process for a human body. Through proper digestion, you get all the necessary minerals and vitamins from the food that you consume. If digestion is not operating the way it should, no matter how healthy you eat it is not going to help you. The correct position for digestion is the upfront position. Hence when your body is in standing or active position food gets digested properly.

Therefore, it is very clear that if your digestion is affected, your health gets affected. Digestive diseases are the root cause of many illnesses. Reflux disease is also one of them. In this, the stomach acid and food-remains invade the esophagus, which causes itchy and burning sensation within your chest.

Improper Sleep

How can you sleep when your stomach is struggling to digest the food within the body? Though you may feel sleepy immediately after eating, in the long run, this habit will take away your sweet sleep. When your sleep is hampered, the body doesn’t get enough time to heal itself, which eventually makes you feel weak and dizzy.

Weight Gain

Weight gain is one of the most common problems resulted from the bad sleeping habit. The increase in weight is depended on the amount calories you consume and burn in a day. The best way is to take the only the required amount of calorie for your body to stay fit while excess calorie must be burned out. Burning calories involves work out and physical activities. However, sleeping habits causing weight gain is not scientifically proven.

Throat Burn

Throat burn is very often if you are practicing the eat and then sleep pattern repeatedly. The stomach acid is supposed to stay in the stomach. When you are in the upfront position, the system works normally. And, when you are in lay down position, the acid travels upwards causing a burning sensation in the throat. If you have experienced this ever, you will understand better the pain it gives you.

Stroke Risk

The risk of strokes is higher when you tend to sleep immediately after your meal. It is observed that Reflux diseases temporarily stops the breathing and increases the risk of heart attacks. It was also found that excessive hard work of the digestive system can lead to an increase in blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels. This sudden rise can cause strokes.

What should be done to avoid digestion problems and sleep better?

Take your dinner at least two hours before you sleep. This way your body can digest food well and your laying down will not cause any hindrance in the process.

For the midnight snack lovers, you should eat something light which can be easily digested at the time of sleep. Whole grain cereals or crackers are a good source of carbohydrates and protein so, it is a better choice to eat in the night.

Don’t eat the heavy caloric meal before your sleep time. Food like Pizza, burgers, fried chicken can be too much for your little stomach. Be easy on your stomach and eat a healthy diet especially in the dinner.

Final words:

Your body is your real wealth. Everybody process has its importance and demands. You eat to get healthy nutrition from the food. But immediate sleeping can cause harm to your body process which results in many disorders. The above effects are just the primary ones if you don’t change the bad habit soon, you might end up distressing your health even more.

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