Social Anxiety JailBreak – 9 Steps To Overcome Social Anxiety

Hi there.

Can you imagine that in 2012, I couldn’t even post any of my personal thoughts on Facebook, as I’m so afraid of being judged, much less creating a blog like this and baring my own experience with social anxiety. After all, some people are still prejudiced against people with “mental health issues”.

Move back another 5 years, to 2008, and you’ll have me at the worst of my social anxiety at an age of 26. I will be physically shaking on the phone talking to strangers. If you had told me that I will be hosting corporate events 7 years later, I’ll laugh at your face.

Back then, I had one of the best job for social anxiety. I was a design engineer, spending most of my time writing codes and designing electronics product and communication with human being is very minimal.

The irony is, in 2010, I quit my comfortable job to chase my entrepreneurial dream. I was an introvert with social anxiety who knew nothing about running a business, except it involves socializing.

To make matter worse, I’ve never thought that I was struggling with social anxiety. In fact, I didn’t even realize that the word “social anxiety’ existed. I thought I was merely a super shy introvert.

Today, I may not brand myself as a successful entrepreneur. But I say for certain that you can overcome social anxiety even if you do not know what causes it.

I did it by trying my best to be an entrepreneur.

Or when I was trying to overcome my depression after my business failed followed by a broken marriage.

I did not visit a therapist.

Nor do I google “how to overcome social anxiety”.

I was trying to solve my depression issue.

And guess what.

After going through several self help programs, and with the brute force way of forcing myself to socialize in earlier years, I ended up with my first public speaking in 35 years.

And hosted several corporate events as an emcee and actually enjoy it.

My depression disappeared, together with social anxiety.

When I looked back over my past, I realized that I have been suffering from social anxiety for at least 15 years.

I wonder if I’ve done what I did much earlier in my career, perhaps I would have beaten social anxiety back then.


Because I know how awful it is to live with social anxiety, I’ve created this Social Anxiety JailBreak, a 9 step email guide to help you fight against your social anxiety.

Make no mistake that this is going to be a tough battle. But if you start now, you’ll probably take a shorter time than me.

Just sign up on the form below and let’s blast social anxiety off your life.